Who We Are




Our firm has been established to provide a platform for development of an institution to nurture the talent and create a quality hub to cater for ever increasing demands of the business community. The strategic priorities of Arab International Bureau are focused on delivering value to its clients through the achievement of sustainable, efficient and reliable professional aptitude. Such confidence shall be attained while respecting quality and sovereignty.


The partners of Arab International Bureau have extensive experience in the fields of Taxation, Auditing, Accounting, Investigation, Business and Financial consultation. Honesty, commitment, dedication and integrity combined with the highest professional and personal standards form the cornerstone of all activities of the firm.

A dedicated team of professionals specializing in different areas is the key to our success. Arab International Bureau has a mission to establish a close contact with clients. The clients are constantly kept abreast about the rapidly changing business environment through counseling, circulars and memos all the year around. Our business clients vary in size from the newly established to multi‐billion dollars private and public concern.


Arab International Bureau is reaching international standards in Professionalism and integrity therefore, working at different Countries such as, Lebanon, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Korea, China, Holland, & Egypt.